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My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jenne (it can be pronounced “Jen” or “Jennie”).  I married my sweetheart John in 1989 and our first child arrived in 1990.  In 1998 I became an eclectic homeschooling mom.  We have two awesome sons (ages 23 and 20), two heavenly babies of unknown genders and two sweet daughters (7-year-old fraternal twins).

As a teen, I worked as a CNA at a nursing home and as a waitress at a resort.  I have also been a bartender.  I am a legal secretary by trade (and have nearly completed a paralegal degree), but have also substitute taught at our local elementary school and actively managed personal stock market investments.  Today, I expand on Christina Katz’s Writer Mama job title and say I am a “home-educating writer mama.”

I love learning and I love people (individually, but not so much in crowds!) and I most especially love igniting or reigniting the love of learning in others!  Indeed, I consider myself a “facilitator” of others’ learning, more than a teacher.

I have a shallow, but broad base of “facilitating the learning of others” that has allowed me to observe that everyone is capable of learning.  I have witnessed all of those “everyones” – my children, public school children (including those in a local LD program), foster children, children at church and adults I have “taught” in various capacities – to be bundled packages of intelligence!

I seek to share the natural high of learning…  especially the high of “whole-brained” learning that has been aptly reported by Henriette Anne Klauser in Writing on Both Sides of the Brain to be “stimulating and refreshing,” “euphoric” and capable of shepherding in “feeling[s] of expansiveness, of plenty, of prosperity and well-being.”

I have learned from educators Maria Montessori and Charlotte Mason that environment is a key component in learning.  I have facilitated learning in many environments – in my own homes, in libraries, in automobiles, in public school and church classrooms, in hotel rooms and in guest bedrooms.  I know simple things can improve the quality of learning that occurs in any environment.

The biggest boon I have found to shaping effective learning environments is an awareness of  Howard Gardner’s “multiple intelligences,” also referred to by Thomas Armstrong as “kinds of smart” and by Cheri Fuller as “learning windows.”  The mere awareness of multiple intelligences has allowed me to gently invite others to approach learning in their own ways.

My mission in life is to help others embrace whole-brained, lifelong learning by simply and easily weaving multiple intelligences into their daily lives and – most especially – into the daily lives of their children!

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